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Kabuto- All aspects. Base mesh modeled in Maya. Sculpted in Mudbox. Rendered in Katana with Renderman

SR-71 - Modeling. Modeled in Maya. Textured by Clint Rea

Bell Kylo Ren - Sculpted cloth for Houdini simulation. Sculpted in Zbrush.

Soveriegn - All aspects. Modeled in Houdini/Zbrush. Textured in Mari/ Photoshop. Rendered in Mantra. Composited in Nuke. 

Rolliflex-All Aspects. Modeled in Maya. Textured: Mari, Photoshop. Rendered in Mental Ray. Composited in Nuke

Petrochemical Plant- All aspects. Modeled in Houdini. Rendered in Mantra. Composited in Nuke. 

Goddess- All aspects. Sculpted/Textured in Zbrush. Rendered in Keyshot

Phyllotaxis - All aspects. Procedural animation and shading in Houdini. Rendered in Mantra

Mek -ID - All aspects. WORK IN PROGRESS. Sculpted in Zbrush. Retopologized in Topogun. Rendered in Keyshot. Concept by Lucian Stanculescu

Some of these works are included in my 2014 demo reel